I’d like this to be a window,
to my world, a symbolic gesture,
to gather not just thoughts but also
the feelings behind them

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For any blog, the heart is always the writer. I believed so too, for a long long time.
Until I realised, it is the content that drives it. Although there is a bias, from appearance to the topic of content as to how often you’d like to visit a blog.

Today’s world has a lot of offer. Choosing the content you follow has become an easy choice while for those who are the creators, your support might mean the world to them.

Let’s get to the part why this blog is named lazy conundrums. Honestly, I have no clue. The one thing I wanted this blog to be…was to write lesser abstract poems so that more and more people could understand what I am trying to convey. While I hide my feelings inside the words, wrap them in a cloak, I also want anyone who happens to read my poems to be able to unwrap themselves along the way and decode their dilemmas.

Writing has been a fabulous tool for me, to connect with myself better. To clear my head out. The same could work for you is my humble belief. If you have found an interface that helps you connect with yourself, share with me?